Book Published

Henrietta, Sins of the Mothers, Book 1

I am pleased to say that today my first published novel appeared on the virtual shelves of Just like the whole process of getting published, even this last step has met with problems. For reasons known only to themselves, Amazon have decided to list me as Ms. J Ann Forrester. I have no idea why they decided to do this but am trying to see if I can change it to my writing name: Ann Forrester.

The second problem is with the blog – this blog. You will find fantasticpencils by accessing the original fantasticalpencils and changing sites in the top left hand corner of the page. Again, this is something I am trying to sort out. I confess that I am not comfortable with this programme and may well change it before the next volume is published. This site is complicated to use

Having acknowledged the problems for you to access this site, I do hope you will try to navigate your way around and let me have your comments on the book.

Many historical romance novels deal either with the upper levels of society, the wealthy, or the very lowest, those living in poverty. I have chosen to look at the life choices made by a woman who sits somewhere the middle, who has to make decisions which go against the accepted conventions of the day. Henrietta was neglected as a child and has to fight to prove her legitimacy and secure her inheritance. This unpromising start affects her life and that of her family: never having experienced affection or friendship as a child, she finds it difficult to display those emotions. She chooses a marriage of companionship and resolutely turns away from the unsettling passion she might have had. Her focus is on her immediate and local responsibilities and she barely allows events in the outside world to impact her life.

I look forward to hearing your comments – and if you have anything really nice to say, please let Amazon know!




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