Return of the missing author


It’s been too long since I wrote regularly for fantasticpencils. No real excuses – apart from finishing Ellie, Book 3 of Sins of the Mothers which is now available on etc. in both pbk and e-format. I think that’s the series finished although someone has suggested I follow up with a book about one of the side characters – perhaps Peters deserves some elaboration? I don’t know.  I’ll see. For now I have resurrected two old drafts I worked on some time ago – very different genres from each other and Sins so we’ll see how I get on. Should keep me busy during the winter months!

Winter! As usual the weather in this area changes with the flick of a wrist. Seven days ago we were turning up the air conditioning, today we are hunting out sweaters and socks and turning up the heating!! The hillsides are beginning to show patches of brown and yellow, soon they will be ablaze. It’s been such a dry summer here that many leaves have already dropped and the roadside verges are lined with yellow leaves – let’s hope it will be a while before they’re lined with white!

The last of the tomatoes have been gathered in and bottled or dried. I intended to harvest the herbs today for drying but it rained over night. The sweet peppers didn’t do too well but the ones that did develop had a lovely flavour. At least the cupboard is well stocked for winter soups and sauces.

My intention is to be more regular in posting  but no promises. Cheers for now!





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