At last it’s over. The nation has a result and the unwanted telephone calls exhorting us to vote for one candidate or another should (we hope) cease. With any luck, the powers that organize the television will once again revert to showing reasonable programs instead of hours of repetitive insults, claims and counter claims.  The press will revert to the latest antics of unknown celebrities. The talking heads may find something genuinely worthwhile to talk about.

No doubt the analysis will last for weeks; hypothetical futures will be projected, derided and discarded. Hopes will rise and fall alongside the exchange rates, stocks and financial markets. Some fortunes may be made; some may be lost but at long last IT’S OVER.

We need a few Oracles from Delphi perhaps or a Tiresias to offer a projection of the future. Or are we better not knowing?

It is said a country gets the government it deserves; if that is so we shall find out what the gods think we deserve. One thing is certain: the peace won’t last long. Before we know it, the whole ungainly process will begin again.

Oh, for a desert island!

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