I would love to wish you all a traditional Happy New Year but …

After the appalling events of 2016,  globally and domestically, it would be such a relief if  I could believe that things will improve in the near future. It is true that that human beings cannot descend much further into the abyss and that some day in the future a generation of brave young men and women may forge a better world. That is my hope.  I don’t think I will live to see it. I doubt that my own children will. Our hopes must rest on the shoulders of following generations to restore tolerance, respect and generosity of spirit regardless of colour, creed or nationality.

Perhaps 2017 will see the first hesitant steps to regain the potential that we each have within us for good and hold out a promise that eventually our  integral humanity will surface.

So, my New Year wish for you is that in 2017 Hope will begin to become Reality and Promise will begin to be fulfilled.

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2 Responses to 2017

  1. Fiona Williamson says:

    I think you are spot on with your observations about the human race, It will take a long time for a world peace to be achieved, mainly, I feel due to the greed and lust of power by a handful of very wealthy (money wise) individuals, some times I feel we are like cannon fodder to the powers that be and we are only aloud to earn just enough to pay taxes and personal bills with the allusion of personal freedom, untill those in high places can let indivudials have some sort of real, personal freedom, ( NOT necessarily money, but it helps.) and stop being so controling and micromanaging the ordenary peoples lives. world peace will not be achieved, as the sentiment of world peace will, eminate from the “ordinary Man”and the will of the people.


  2. Thanks for commenting – I thought perhaps I was being too pessimistic but have a premonition that perhaps not! Do hope I am proved wrong. Maybe, if enough people hope and act, our grandchildren will have a chance – here on earth – and not have to head to Mars to find peace.


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