Let It Snow – no more!

Now the fun is over and the tough part begins – digging out.  I’m no good at math but if you are then multiply 30 yards long x 12 yards wide by 2ft deep to get an idea of how much snow we have to move! That doesn’t count clearing the house doors (escape routes if needed) edged shut by about a foot frozen solid under the porch and drifting up to three feet at the back over the steps. Actually I tried clearing one lot of steps yesterday but they were covered again by this morning thanks to the wind and some errant snow falls that weren’t supposed to be hanging around!

I’ve cancelled doctor’s appointment and breakfast for tomorrow – just don’t see that we’ll have moved that lot by then. Husband has triple A (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) so that’s the second battle – making sure (or trying to) that he doesn’t go overboard and do too much at one time. I tell myself the exercise is good for me – gets the blood flowing and all that – and perhaps I’ll lose weight (ha!) but the problem remains. What looked so romantic, exciting and beautiful yesterday, now looks like an enormous, irritating chore.

Now is when I could do with a bevy of strong young men – where have they all gone I wonder??

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