Another Absence

Once again I’ve been absent from writing for some weeks. In my last post I mentioned a late snowfall. Oh, that it had never happened! I slipped on  ice hidden beneath a deceptive veneer of melt-water and managed to break my arm in four places! Under the twin assaults of pain and medication, my brain turned to mush and quietly went into hibernation. Today’s brief foray into the world of tapping keys with five fingers instead of ten marks, I hope, the start of a slow exit from the fog – not so much for what I say but the fact than I want to say it!

One (the only?) benefit of such a period of enforced inactivity has been the time to read, discover new authors and re-visit some favourites. A discovery is Ann Cleeves. In the UK people may be familiar with her work as her books have been adapted for a TV series. I hope it will be syndicated here in the USA too.  I have almost finished The Crow Trap – almost because I don’t want the story to end! Have I uncovered the guilty party?

Set in the bleak Pennine hills of England, the murder mystery is supported by a wealth of detail of the local countryside. The characters are quirky and original, especially DCI Vera Stanhope.  For much more information on Ann Cleeves and her other books, see I’m excited to read more of this author and hope you will enjoy her books too.

The fingers are protesting that they have worked hard enough for the first day back on the job, so farewell for now.



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