Curves – 1

An artist once told me there are no straight lines in Nature; from the universe to the nano-world of quarks and beyond, nature moves in ellipses. Well, life is like that too. It’s a year since I wrote about a man I had worked with in Jersey, C.I.  A quiet man, a stickler for detail; a man unknown and unrecognised beyond the enclosed society which was Jersey in those years almost sixty years ago. When I left the Island, I never expected to hear of him again.

All that is about to change.

Another Woman’s Son, has recently been released. The film tells the story of Mr. Le Druillenec and his sister, Louisa Gould and of their quiet, determined courage in the full knowledge of the consequences they faced. Two ordinary people acting with compassion for others regardless of their own danger. ‘Ordinary’ is the wrong word, isn’t it? There was nothing ordinary about their actions.

I don’t know whether the film will be shown in this small American town where I now live but f it is I will go to see it although for me it’s a private matter but there’s always a shiver of undeserved pride as one hovers in the shadows of the spotlight focussed on the famous. I am gratified that the heroism of two unpretentious people will be recognised – Mr. Le D. would have snorted a bit at that word, heroism, I think but their sacrifices  deserve to be known. They were icons of what human beings can be, should be, and all too often are not.

I do hope you will see the film and if you do, please let me know your reactions.

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