Family Search – June 2017

Some of you reading this will know that one of my pastimes is genealogy. I am using this post to seek information from descendants of Leslie Daniel Sayer, b 1915 near Winchester, Hants, UK. Leslie’s wife was named Valerie.

Some years ago, Leslie wrote to another family member with questions about his relations. That enquiry has recently been passed to me; I have no idea whether Leslie acquired answers to his questions but would be interested to hear from his children or grandchildren.

In his letter, Daniel says the family moved to Jevington in Sussex where his father worked in the racing stables. This particularly caught my attention because my novels (Henrietta, Legacy and Ellie) were set in the countryside near Jevington and the village is mentioned frequently in them. – yet another example of life’s circles or coincidences?

So, if anyone out there recognizes Leslie, please let me know! If only so that I can file the papers in the success file! Or, if not, perhaps help with any queries outstanding.

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1 Response to Family Search – June 2017

  1. Tania sayer says:

    I am his grandaughter. Dad was Martin Daniel and nan was Maisie


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